Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing

— Harper Lee.

Hello all,

I’m a voracious reader who recently made a return to the world of fiction after a few years in the academic wilderness. The kind of books I love span genres, languages and millennia and I literally cannot shut up and stop recommending books to friends and family.

To make all of their lives easier and so I can share what I love with the wider world, I have committed to reviewing what I’m reading on this blog. If you’re looking for biting criticisms or thousand word paeans to high brow literature, this ain’t for you. I love basically everything, from bestselling beach reads to treatises on literary theory, and you’ll get bits of all of that here. I’ll also probably share some of my general thoughts on books and pull together some lists of recommendations.

I hope you enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thanks for your reviews – better than GOODREADS and can’t wait for your 2021 reading list. Do you plan in advance or read as your fancy strikes?


    1. Thanks Jenna, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately I’m nowhere near organised enough to plan my reading beyond keeping a very long list of everything I’m planning to read eventually. Whichever book I’m reading next is largely dictated by whim!


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